BuzzFeed Editor’s Tweets During Lafayette Shooting Show How Liberals Never Want To Waste A Tragedy…


So, Buzzfeed's Rachel Zarrell was busy last night during the Lafayette theater shooting.  She wasn't busy thinking about the victims, of course.  Or people at all.  Because she's apparently a giant, selfish hosebeast.


Listen, y'all.  Praying for people is dumb.  I mean, Rachel had to think about the Almighty liberal agenda.  And it's not like liberals pray to God anyway.  Let's get real here – they took God out of the platform years ago.

Anywho, someone contacted her boss at BuzzFeed and so she was forced to retract her statement, although I guess it's totally OK to say "goddamn" while representing yourself on the job.

(Well, that is unless you're on the radio – in which case, I'd be fired (FCC, anyone?))

Way to set the bar high there, BuzzFeed editors.  

But listen, folks.  We don't have a morality problem in this country at all.  Nope. 

It must be the godda** guns.