Scott Walker Was Asked If Being Gay Is A Choice….His Answer May Surprise You


I love his answer to this question.

"I don't know" is a great answer to have, especially for this stupid freaking question.  Why does a presidential candidate have to HAVE an answer for THIS QUESTION, for crying out loud?  I mean, does the answer to this question show us that Walker is going to create jobs in this country?  Be a better commander in chief?  A better overall leader of the free world?

Because I happen to think that the answer to this question doesn't shed light as to whether or not a candidate will do a good job in the White House…whether or not he or she will be successful in that position.  It simply doesn't.  It's like one of those questions that HR shouldn't ask you when you're interviewing for a job, frankly.  And so-called American "journalists" spend way too much time talking about something that occurs in such a small portion of American's bedrooms, which is why our country is in the state that it's in right now.  

The speeding train to Crapsville. 

I don't care what you do in your bedroom.  It's none of your business what I do in mine.  And if our president doesn't have an opinion about this and wants to work hard for EVERY American?  Well, what a novel idea.  

He or she has ACTUAL WORK TO DO, in case "journalists" haven't noticed.  Maybe they should ask about that.

I won't hold my breath.  I'll just wait for them to start asking about his wife's outstanding speeding tickets, too…