Trey Gowdy Asks Jeh Johnson, “How In The Hell Can A City Tell You No…?”


You know what we need?   More Trey Gowdys in this world.  

On a side note, Jeh Johnson had no idea who Kate Steinle even was.  And Obama doesn't give two craps about her either.  Don't expect a phone call to her family, for crying out loud.  I mean, we all know that you only get a call from the White House if you're gay (even though Obama didn't support gay marriage until – what was that – two weeks ago?) or if you're in the camp of Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson, of course.

Asking for our president to know about the death of a woman at the hands of an illegal alien who's in this country after committing seven felonies and being DEPORTED FIVE FREAKING TIMES would be too much to ask.

Preach, Trey.