Sheriff Joe Breaks It DOWN…


Sheriff Joe is KEEPING IT REAL.  Because that's what he does.  He also makes inmates wear pink underwear and they eat meatless meals.  I dig that about him.

Unlike Trump, he's not running for president.  He's just a Sheriff who deals with this crap every single freaking day.

In October 2014, he said:

…36% out of “4,000 people in our jails for state crimes in the last eight months” keep coming back, stated, “I have ICE agents in our jail. We check everybody that comes in, then detainers are placed for those here illegally on state charges, turn them over to ICE, and guess what? Out of 5,000, 2,000 have been coming back to my jails, all serious types of crime. One guy came back 20 times. So, evidently they keep crossing the border, or the ICE is letting them out on the streets. That’s another problem.”

Like many folks (and that includes me), Sheriff Joe thinks that sanctuary states are a bunch of hogwash.  He supports federal funding being cut off to them, and to that, I say, A TO THE MEN, BROTHER.

And then he had this to say yesterday on Varney's show:

If nothing else, Trump has drawn attention to a HUGE PROBLEM in our country.  Conservatives' eyes and ears have taken notice, and we're paying attention.  

I just hope that the other candidates have taken notice, too, and that THEY'RE paying attention.