It’s Official. Mock’s Horse Is In The Race…


Mock and I have always had our own individual styles and tastes with stuff.  She was in show choir, I was a cheerleader.  She likes Robbie Williams, and I'm a Led Zeppelin girl.  When some dude walked up to us at McDonalds and tried to give us crap, she was polite and I attempted to throw down.

This is how we roll. (No one was hurt or arrested, thank the Lord.)

Mock has been very open about saying that her horse in the presidential race is Scott Walker.  

So I'm sure she is DEEEEELIGHTED today over this:

And it's very cool.  I like Scott Walker, too.  He's completely awesome, and we are lucky to have him running on our side.  

Me?  I don't have a single horse just yet.  I need to hear these folks debate, see them throw mud, and then I'll make a decision based on where the chips fall.  

Basically, I can't commit yet.  It takes longer for me to commit than it does for Mock.

As for our young Chicks, Red Dawn and CJ, they haven't really said who their horses are, but I have my suspicions. It's going to be super-fun to go through this race with my fellow Chicks and with all of y'all out here in COTR-land.