Apparently, Only Angelina Jolie Is Beautiful Enough To Pull Off Tattoos…


So, I'm scouring the Internet this morning trying to get up to speed on the world's events.  A lot has been going on this weekend, and I'm catching up.  I'm going to admit – I've been gloriously out of the loop for the past two days.  Mock and I have worked every weekend since we started this crazy gig. We've worked through a lot of vacations, family events, furiously found wireless through road trips, and rain or shine, we've just found a way to post through it all.  But our fabulous new Chicks gave us a breather this weekend, and it was beyond lovely to be able to rest our brains and hang with our families.  Looking back on the past 6+ years of crazy weekends, I wouldn't change a thing.  I don't regret working.  I never regret hard work, experiences, sacrifice, anything that we've done to get where we are today.  Because we know why we started….and every step meant something.

After all, regret is ridiculous.  I'm a firm believer that everything you do in life leads you to where you should be right this second.  

Which is why when I read this article today I shook my head a little bit.  It's a woman who writes over at Fox who claims to be a "fairly open-minded person, but who finds tattoos a desecration of the beauty of the female form."  

"They don't look cool.  They look cheap.  And the kinds of men who find tattoos alluring are probably out on parole."


She calls tattoos "hideous," then says she tries to "reserve judgement," but basically the entire article is her passing judgement on women who have tattoos.  She also thinks that if you have them, you were "stupid" to get them and you're only smart if you cover them up now.


Now, I will say that if you get a tattoo that says "No REGERTS," you should definitely have some regret, because you can't spell.  And neither can your tattoo artist:

But regrets for a tattoo that you've put some thought into?  That means something to you?  NO.  That's your business.

I'll give the writer some props, as she did use a quote from Steel Magnolias in her holier-than-thou message to all of us cheap harlots out here in tattoo-having-land:

Remember that scene in Steel Magnolias when Dolly Parton is describing her ruffian son's new squeeze?  "

The only nice thing I can say about her", she says, "is that all her tattoos are spelled correctly."

As a girl raised in the South, I love Steel Magnolias and Dolly and everything about that quote, because HELLO.  

But this whole article made me think that somewhere along the line, a pretty girl with a tattoo stole her boyfriend, she didn't get to go to the prom, she's never been to therapy about it, and that's HER regret. 

Bless her heart.

I have a tattoo, y'all.  For those of you that have been around this site a while, I don't think that's a secret.  It's a daisy, and it's "dainty" (that word is also made fun of in this article, even though it's an actual word).  Frankly, I'd get another tattoo in my lifetime – I just have never decided what that would be so far.  And this may blow people's minds, but in addition to the tat, I was also a preppy  undergraduate sorority girl with the sheath dress (that this chick speaks of) and I excelled academically and went on to get my graduate degree and I know what fork to use with my salad at fancy dinners.  And men other than parolees were attracted to me throughout my lifetime.  

It's quite inconvenient for her hypothesis.  

Then again, I don't believe in compartmentalizing people.  Because if there's one thing I despise, it's when people try to put other people in a neat little stereotyped box.  Based on something like a tattoo.

If we're quoting movies here…as Julia Roberts said in Pretty Woman, "Big mistake….BIG…..HUGE."

Just because someone has tattoos doesn't mean they're not, say, classy.  Or refined.  Or intelligent. Or accomplished.  Or, say, running her own company. Or two.  Or saving a life.  Or leading her bible study.  Or loving her child or husband.  Or being an amazing caretaker to ailing parents.  Or being philanthropic.  Or doing amazing things in her community.  And just because a woman has a tattoo doesn't mean that the man who found her alluring was something other than a loser on parole.  In fact, there are many women reading this who have tattoos whose husbands are probably at work right now – perhaps leading a super-important meeting at some corporate job and wouldn't you know it?  They have tattoos themselves (you can include my husband in that count, by the way).

Compartmentalizing is so immature (your high school is showing) and I don't want to sound like a dirty hippie or anything, but it really creates a lot of barriers between human beings.  It freaking LIMITS us.  From a political perspective, it keeps us from winning elections, frankly.  

It's one of the reasons I said to Mock back in 2008, "we need to start a conservative blog….because not all conservatives are all old WHITE DUDES.  People need to see that."  

And not all people with tattoos look, act, and ARE the same, either.  

But I guess if you're super-gorgeous like Angelina Jolie, you get a pass.  

That's nice that she gets permission, but I don't need anyone's permission.  And I suddenly got an itch to go get another tattoo.