Gun Used In San Francisco Murder Was A Federal Agent’s…


This tragedy just keeps getting more tragic.

Yesterday, the White House was blaming Republicans for this.  That may have been a bit premature (Josh Earnest), seeing as how we're now finding out that the gun used in the murder turns out to be that of a federal agent.

Per The Blaze (and AP):

…a police check of the weapon’s serial number shows it belonged to a federal agent


Fox News reported:

It was not immediately clear how Francisco Sanchez, 45, would have obtained the weapon. However, the San Francisco Chronicle reported sources told the paper the gun had been stolen during a car burglary in June.


No one knows yet what federal agency the gun is tied to, but this doesn't really change the terms of Sanchez' case – when it comes to charging him, that is.  

Pretty much every "news" outlet is saying that this adds another "dimension" to this horrible story.  

I suppose that's one way to put it.