Army To Cut 40,000 Troops – Just In Time For Obama’s “Long Term” ISIS Campaign…


A little over a month ago, Obama didn't have a plan for ISIS.

Now?  As of this week, he's decided to make one, and it's apparently a "long-term campaign," stressing the "importance of local forces and stable governments as keys to stopping" them.

Alrighty then.

Fast forward to today.  The Army is getting ready to cut 40,000 soldiers over the next two years, affecting all domestic and foreign posts.  

So that's comforting.

An additional 17,000 Army civilian employees would be laid off under the plan officials intend to announce this week. Under the plan, the Army would have 450,000 soldiers by Sept. 30, 2017, the end of the 2017 budget year.

The reduction in troops and civilians is due to budget constraints, the document says.


The Pentagon's budget, released in February, envisioned the reduction to 450,000 would occur by Sept. 30, 2018.


The Army should bottom out at 450,000 soldiers, said Michael O'Hanlon, a military analyst at the Brookings Institution.

Cutting "more would make me quite nervous," he said.

Sen. Dan Sullivan, who is a member of the Armed Services committee from Alaska, said that this "makes no strategic sense."

And that's because strategy/sense and this administration go together like peas and carrots a big pile of dog crap, Sen. Sullivan.