What Do You Think Obama’s Fourth Of July Address Omitted? Or Do You?


Here's Obama's Independence Day address yesterday:

As a contrast, here's George W. Bush's 4th of July speech at Monticello in 2008:


And here's Reagan's back in 1986:

Some will say that God is missing from Obama's speech, and duh – He is.  But let's face it.  God has been missing from this administration since the day Obama won the election.  The Democrat party doesn't want God, right? –  they never did.  After all, God's just not PC anymore…or something.

Argue with me all you want, libs, but that answer is a no-brainer.

What else is missing – at least to me – is a palpable passion for this country.  One that people can really see, hear, and feel in speeches like the ones Reagan gave….like the ones W. gave (love him or hate him).  

They love/d this country. That's not something you can read off a teleprompter, and it's definitely not something you can fake – at least to folks who know better and can see through the B.S.

Yesterday's 4th of July address should've been more than what it was.  People in this country need a leader now more than ever, and what I saw yesterday was a guy who practically phoned it in and couldn't wait to just go hang out and have a burger.  The man is over it, y'all.  He's over even having to put on a show to pretend he gives a crap.

And the least he could've done is ordered the White House to be lit up in red, white, and blue.  Heck, it's only three colors….and not the whole rainbow, right?

But I guess that'd be too much work for him, in addition to grilling burgers and hot dogs and whatnot.

That's what I think was missing from our president yesterday, if you ask me.