There’s Another Campus Rape Study Out. And It’s Just As Fishy As All The Others

Miss CJ

You know, if college women were raped as much as liberal rape culture statistics would have us believe, guys on campus wouldn't have time to do anything else! Class? Homework? Part-time job? Nah – gotta give into my horny animal instincts and rape ten girls before lunchtime!

The Washington Post has a report out of a new study about campus rape. The study was published last Friday with the ominous headline "1 in 5 College Women Say They Were Violated." Complete with a photo collage of various women with that "deer-in-the-headlights" look that's supposed to garner sympathy from an unsuspecting populace. 

The report sounds scary, sure. But you get looking into the questions and how they were asked and… yeah, it's more of the same leading questions and assuming that women who weren't sure if their sexual encounters were wanted (for example – if they were drunk when they had sex) were indeed raped.

It gets worse from there – one student in the report even said that a guy tried to kiss her and she considered that sexual assault. Nothing more than kissing which, while inappropriate and immature on the part of the guy, hardly amounts to the same thing a brutal rape and assault.

The funny thing is that, while the study done by the Washington Post and the Kaiser Family Foundation is relatively new, the 1-in-5 women stat is not. Which is the BIGGEST red flag that this study has going against it. If the research sample of college students is random, the stat should be slightly different from other similar research studies, even by a few points one way or another. But it's not! The percent is a nice round 20% of women are raped on college campuses – which is 1-in-5. How conveeeeeenient!

The Daily Caller made this observation about the study –

[T]he question’s wording means it is an imperfect guide to the actual assault rate. Simply being drunk, even very drunk, is not sufficient to make consent impossible from a legal standpoint.


Legally, one must be so incapacitated from drugs that they are unaware (or unconscious) of what is happening. Oddly, or perhaps intentionally, the poll does not offer this clarification, inviting respondents to believe they may have been assaulted simply because they offered genuine consent for sex while drunk or high.

Even if you don't have a background in proper research methods, that kind of questioning looks funky. Not to mention misleading and smacks of a bias. And it's all been done before. Just ask the Factual Feminist.

So yeah – another scare poll full of crap statistics meant to perpetuate the BS myth of rape culture. Another typical week in liberal academia.

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