Look Which Country The U.N. Named The Number One Violator Of Women’s Rights

Red Dawn

When you think of countries guilty of human rights violations, what comes to mind? Sudan? North Korea? Saudi Arabia? If you thought that, you’d be wrong.

The United Nitwits just named Israel as the number one nation guilty of violating women’s rights because of their treatment of Palestinian women.

Just let that sink in for a minute.

In Saudi Arabia, women can’t drive. They can barely participate in public life. They can’t get jobs or travel without a male relative. They’re physically punished for clothing violations

And did you know if a woman is attacked/raped in Iran and they fight back, they could be killed for defending themselves?

Just goes to show, the U.N. is a BAD JOKE.

I’m just going to let the Mayor of Realville himself, Rush Limbaugh, take this one out, because I couldn’t say it better myself.

This organization, United Nations, is just an abject joke.  It's a bad joke.  The fact that there are so many in the American diplomatic corps that take this organization seriously —  this organization is due serious condemnation.  I mean, this goes beyond offensive. This goes beyond absurd.  This is the stuff of nightmares, but the reality is what it is.  And of course when you say that Israel, an ally of the United States and of course Jewish, the number one location, by the way, the most focused anti-Semitism on this planet is at the United Nations.  And here's Barack Obama sidling up to it.  The American Democrat Party, the American left, the United Nations is the end all, the United Nations source authority, the United Nations inviolate. 

This goes beyond argument.  We need to get out of the UN.  This is seriously corrupt.  But it's even beyond that.  'Cause these people are serious.  And the nations we're talking about literally have the tyrannical, dictatorial power to implement all of this.  There are people in the world being forced to live this way, and it is a shame that the United States of America in any way sidles up to any of these nations and offers tantamount support.  And then while that's happening, to have to sit around and listen to the same people call American conservatives and Israeli Jews the modern focus of evil in the world, as the big problem facing the world?  This is seriously wrong, it is seriously corrupt, and it is an absolute outrage that the United States of America gives any of it the time of day.  

OH. And in case you weren’t convinced enough that the U.N. is a complete joke, these are some of the current members of the U.N. Human Rights Council:

China- They literally steamroll over people who disagree with their policies.

Cuba- The government harasses, intimidates and punishes political dissenters.

Pakistan- You can be put on death row for “blasphemy.”

Saudi Arabia- See above.

Venezuela- Yeah. This is just a huge joke all around. The socialist leaders are letting their people starve. Why are they on this list again?

The U.N. is a liberal cesspool of corruption, dysfunction and elitism. I hate their guts.

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