You Know Whose Day Totally Sucked Monkeyballs Yesterday?

Mockarena, Co-Founder

Jay Carney's.  Jay Carney had to face the press-titutes yesterday, who are kinda all over his case what with the White House being mired in endless scandals right now and whatnot.

And just watch how he answered this question about the IRS.  He's SO DEFENSIVE and his tone is so terse, immediately even,  that it actually made me giggle.

See there?  Just because the IRS has fully admitted that it has unfairly targeted conservatives doesn't really mean that they HAVE, you guys.  I mean, you can't take the IRS' word for it.  They're just the ones who actually did it. So what do they know? Nope – clearly we need a whole separate investigation into WHETHER or not they actually did what they admitted to doing.  And then, and ONLY THEN, can the White House offer more insight.  If you could please get with the program, minions, that would be great. (/sarc.)
By the way, if you're wondering why Jay Carney sucks at his job so hard, then perhaps no one can explain it better than, well, Jay Carney.
"It's a tricky job" and he "probably wouldn't be any good at it" you see.  I mean, he admits it right there.  But then again, just because he admitted it doesn't mean it's true.  Perhaps we need the inspector general to provide a full report about it before we can decide for sure.