Seriously Bawling Over This.

Mockarena, Co-Founder

So many of you have sent in messages of support and offers to help in response to our earlier post about our book endeavor.

I'm just overwhelmed, really. It's all just incredibly humbling and I've been sort of weepy about it all day, because the messages just keep pouring in.

You guys realize we're total dorks, right? smiley

Anyway, I haven't had time to get through even a fraction of the messages, but opened one that had the subject line of "Mailing List, Congratulations, and a Proposition" and was intrigued enough to click through to the body of the message.  And when I read it?  TOTALLY BAWLED.  I asked for permission to share it, and he obliged.  And I just know y'all are going to feel the same sense of hopefulness for the country that I did when I read it.  And you're going to be in LOVE with this precious young man.


Dear Daisy and Mock, My name is J.M. and I am an 18 year-old college student at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas. I have been following your page on Facebook since its inception (I remember when y'all were excited to get 5,000 likes). Because I was a mere 14 year-old freshmen in high school when I discovered your page, you have had a major impact on shaping my conservative beliefs and for that I will be forever grateful. The thing is, I was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area in California, so conservative role-models other than my parents were few and far between. When I saw something on the news that confused me, I turned to you; when a teacher presented a one-sided liberal opinion as fact, I turned to you; when I got in debates with friends, I turned to you; but most importantly, when I needed a boost in morale about my fellow Americans, I turned to you. I cannot even begin to tell you how excited I am for you to take your venture to the next level and not only spread conservatism, but more importantly show America women's increasingly important role in the our mission as conservatives to make this nation the best, strongest, wealthiest, happiest nation that it can be. Strong, conservative, capitalist, hard-working women like you are the definition of feminism, and I mean that with the utmost respect and admiration.

On another note, I started thinking about ways for you to spread the word about your book. Expanding on the "state reps" idea, I think that you should also have college reps. With your ever-growing Facebook community I am sure that you could find college students across the country that would love to represent you on their campuses, me being your first volunteer. Your book would be a great way to reach a major voting bloc that tends to sway liberal due to misinformation, and at the very least present them with information that their liberal professors or parents never have before. College is the time where we are still in limbo between childhood and adulthood, so this is an opportune moment to positively influence future generations of Americans. As a college rep, I could hold book-launch parties, book clubs, advertise, and maybe even host a signing. I know that there are a lot of logistics to something like this that need to be worked out, but just thought I would throw the idea out there.

Congratulations on your newest venture, I cannot wait to see its impact!

All the best,



That's our future, folks. And it's a bright one. smiley

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