New York City, Illegal Immigration, And The Chicks

Mockarena, Co-Founder

Several days ago, I told y’all that Daisy and I would be heading to NYC soon.  Somehow, we blinked and that is happening TOMORROW.  So we wanted you to be aware that posting might be a bit on the slow side tomorrow and Saturday, since we’ll be fighting snowstorms, and likely facing airport delays, and then trying to squeeze the already completely full original 36 hour schedule into 24 hours or even less.

ANYWAY, assuming that we do actually MAKE IT to NYC, we will be getting interviewed by Dennis Michael Lynch, for his new film, They Come To America 2: The Drive For Solutions.  It’s the sequel to They Come To America: The Cost of Illegal Immigration, which was his debut documentary, and which you MUST SEE.

Dennis recently released a behind-the-scenes clip from the sequel that is in production right now (and that we are going to have a part in!).  You can check it out below. It’s expected to be released in April.

In the few hours we’ll (hopefully) be in NYC, we’re also going to try to have coffee with our new best Fox friend, Todd Starnes, who broke the story about our Facebook plight and is the reason it got legs.  Obviously, I will be attempting a facesmash, and Daisy and I will try to get photos if he’s agreeable. You know how we are.  smiley

Anyway,  posting here might be on the slow side tomorrow and Saturday.  So please, feel free to talk amongst yourselves.  And we’ll try to check in as often as we can!

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