Faith Restored.

Mockarena, Co-Founder

We had quite a day with Facebook yesterday, as you’re probably all well aware by now. But in addition to the national attention our story received, there was another really bright light at the end of our dark tunnel that I thought it was important to tell you about.

We received an email from a representative at Facebook to a) apologize and b) offer her help at any time should we be faced with a similar problem again.  She also happens to be a supporter of our page!  So contrary to popular belief, there are friendly conservatives who WORK for Facebook.  And they are helpful and courteous and understanding about how we can be needlessly attacked by crazy liberals who get their jollies by starting pages designed SOLELY to harass and silence us.

We know we’re not alone in this fight, and that there are others who are attacked on a daily basis.  But more importantly, Facebook knows that too. And to the extent that they can, they are trying to manage it.  At least, this has been our experience with our new best friend there. smiley

Now, before I get 18 zillion emails requesting her contact information, please know this:  I will not give it out.  I treasure that contact information like it’s a precious gemstone, and refuse to do anything which could damage this new relationship.  If you host a page and are being harassed and threatened in similar ways, you can let us know, and I will do my best to let our contact know, but I will NOT be bombarding her with emails every day.  And if you write us in the next, say, couple of weeks, I can’t promise I’ll even READ that email very quickly because I’m FRIGHTFULLY BEHIND on emails.  I will see it eventually – no worries – and will try to pass along information to our new best facebook friend when I think it’s warranted.  I promise! 

In any case, there is no shortage of stories like ours, and there are lots of folks out there who believe that Facebook for the most part is run by liberals who are out to silence conservatives.  I get that – because that’s where I was yesterday.  And who knows – perhaps our new best facebook friend is one lonely employee in a sea of liberals. If that’s the case though, I give her even more credit for having the nads to reach out and offer her help.  I see the depths that the trolls will sink to – and appreciate that it must be nearly impossible to keep track of them all given that there is so much BLINDING STUPIDITY in the liberal world, and they clearly have gobs of time to just focus their attention on harassment versus, for example, being gainfully employed. wink

Anyway, I have a new appreciation for Facebook today.  And my fears and concerns about them have been substantially reduced.  I hope others out there, who have had similar experiences, can take some comfort in this as well.

Because you know what?  SUCK IT, TROLLS.  YOU LOSE.

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