“Non-Sexist,” Open-Minded, Tolerant, Liberal Men Really Crack Me Up.

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

Yesterday, we had a dude come to our Facebook page and entertain us for approximately 45 minutes. I banned him (again), so I figured I'd share the exchange out here on our site to try to make that 45 lost minutes of my life seem more relevant.

You see, "Mulder Bunnychaser" was a liberal commenter who was, in actuality, a dude named Hugh (when people think it's not easy to find them on Facebook, I actually feel a little sorry for them, FYI) who used his dog's face and voice to comment on our fan page. Yes. He channeled his dog to comment about how we must be trying to be something WE'RE not. Hugh himself had already been banned earlier in the day. So he used his dog's profile. HIS DOG HAS A FACEBOOK PROFILE, you guys.

Alrighty then.

I believe the entire account is worth repeating here, mainly because it's representative of the liberal mentality. Mock and I have seen this time and time again over the past few months, especially. You see, in the eyes of liberals, women – especially conservative women – are supposed to be quiet…polite…incapable of political discussion and debate. Women who CAN discuss such things – women who are outspoken in their conservatism – are not supposed to exist. In liberals' warped minds, only MEN can be so boisterous and passionate about such subjects. DEFINITELY not conservative women. No way. We should be barefoot and quietly making someone a sandwich. Or asking someone to pay for our birth control or something.

What kills me is that these liberals – the open-minded, tolerant, intellectually-superior bunch they are – can't see how unbelievably SEXIST AND COMPLETELY BACKWARD this type of thinking is. It goes against everything they SAY they stand for…that progressive thing they like to spew, as if SAYING that they're not sexist somehow makes them not sexist.

Your actions are so loud, I cannot hear what you say. FYI.

Here's the thing, y'all. I'd rather that a chauvinistic pig of a man try to grab my butt and call me "darlin'" than for someone to PRETEND TO BE some sort of champion for women's equality, while in reality, he's a hypocritical, sexist jerk. Honestly. It'd be SO LESS INSULTING. And frankly, the guy who calls me "darlin'" would be precious and endearing. Obviously.

So now you have background on the exchange.

Behold the back and forth:

PS – "Bashing" folks doesn't help anyone, y'all. Unless you're a liberal man bashing a conservative website run by women, in which case…uber-helpful. You know.

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