This Is How Delusional Liberals Can Be

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

We often ban trolls on our Facebook page, when they show up to do nothing but make rude comments or post obnoxious links or insult the folks who genuinely like our page and just want to have discussion about our posts. It's not a daily occurrence, but it's often.

Earlier, I banned a couple of chicks by the name of Alice Reid and Diana Coleman, who were busying themselves doing precisely the kind of stuff I just mentioned. Every now and then, I'll click on the name of the folks I'm banning, to see what sorts of interesting stuff I can learn about them. And when I clicked on Alice's name, it showed this:

Not much to look at really, but I was curious about the page on which she posted a link.  And it turns out, she posted a link to OUR page, and the following conversation ensued:

I cannot stop laughing at this, because:

1.  We have no idea who Backdoor Draft is, and we have never chased ANYONE on Twitter.  I would love to see evidence of said, "chasing." I would love, in fact, to see evidence of any interaction we've had with "Backdoor Draft" whatsoever.

2.  Considering we have NO IDEA who Backdoor Draft is, I find it hilarious that Alice Reid thinks we're scared of him/her.  Seriously?

3.  Alice doesn't think we're cute.  Alice's profile picture is of a flower pot.  I'll let you all do the math on that one.

4.  Backdoor Draft then apparently "finished with one of us."  Again – we have NO IDEA who this clown is.  So how we were trying to "nail him/her on talking points" so that he/she "couldn't post anything" – I have no idea.  But if he/she is indeed "finished with us, " well, then COLOR ME DELIGHTED.  I had no idea he/she had STARTED with us to begin with.

5.  This one is my favorite.  Backdoor Draft said we are funded by Crossroads, and that everything we say is scripted.  You guys – this is the level of delusion we are dealing with.  If we were getting funding from someone, incidentally, WE WOULD BE FREAKING THRILLED.  But alas, we have day jobs.  That's where we get our funding. And the scripting? OMG.  What are these people smoking??

6.  Apparently, Backdoor Draft's group's mission is to shut us (and others, I presume) down.  Because he/she apparently takes issue with the First Amendment.   And as you can see, Alice Reid is happy to help in any way she can.  And then there's poor, clueless Diana, who doesn't understand how Facebook works, and can't figure out that we've simply banned her from our page.

That there are people in this country who are this paranoid, this delusional, and this completely WRONG about everything is why Obama is in office today.  I have decided that when Obama continues to enact policies which support a nanny state, and which assume complete incompetence on the part of the public, it's because his voting base really IS incompetent.



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