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I don't know how many of y'all are facebook fans of ours, but we had an EPIC discussion last night as a result of me finally losing my patience with a frequent and PAINFULLY annoying commenter there named Roberta Gibson Keys.

Roberta has been commenting on our fanpage for several weeks now – almost exclusively to disagree with anything that we or our regular commenters there say. You know – one of THOSE kinds of people. And so I've tried to explain to her, like 4 katrillion times, that if she wants to get into debates, then HERE is where she should do it, so that we can leave our fanpage open to just Actual Fans who come there specifically to share their views with LIKEMINDED PEOPLE.  So, you see, I have no issue with debate and disagreement – but I like to keep it a bit localized.

This is a concept she fails to comprehend. And so she's continued to post stuff on our facebook wall – asking nonsensical questions and trying to stir up trouble, when last night, she finally crossed the line from being just annoying, to being downright INSANE. This is what she posted:

You guys – she Actually Suggested that we are PAID KARL ROVE OPERATIVES.

I know this should totally give me the glees, but it's just SAD. It's sad to me that this is how delusional the left is.  It's either delusion, or it's just that they're so accustomed to using these tactics themselves that they can only assume we're doing the same.

In any case, I would like Roberta to rest assured that we are not only NOT being paid by Karl Rove, but we're not being paid AT ALL.  In fact, we would LOVE to be paid by Karl Rove.  If Karl Rove called and said, "Hey Chicks – I'm going to start PAYING you to write the stuff you write every day" I can assure you that we would happily accept his money and probably write a big ole post about how awesome Karl Rove is to pay us for doing stuff that we love doing.  And then I wouldn't have to worry about the fact that my job has been cut to part time, because Karl Rove would be paying me, and life would be awesome.

Paid Karl Rove Operatives.  Daisy – let's put this on our bucket list.

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