A Sleeved Michelle Obama Overshadows All First Ladies Before Her By Digging Holes On The White House Lawn


Never mind the fact that the current administration is driving our economy into the ground. The First Lady is tilling it. Well, kind of. I mean, I think she just moved some sod around while a bunch of kids did most of the work. This is huge news, people. Just in case you didn’t see it this past weekend on a gazillion different channels and on every major online news source, Michelle Obama has spearheaded a groundbreaking (pun intended) initiative to create an organic garden on the White House lawn. To promote healthy eating via locally-grown produce, the garden has been touted as a symbolic weapon in the fight against increasing obesity in this country. What’s comical to me is the press coverage this warranted. I mean, it’s as if no one has ever planted a garden. Ever. Anywhere. (I actually planted one this weekend myself, but I did it sans the help of a bunch of child labor and without CNN filming me. Go figure.)

So, yeah. In the midst of our economic apocalypse, we have a new White House garden. And God bless Jimmy Kimmel to use this as an excuse to make a Clinton-ho joke…

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