Obama’s Pants Must Be Experiencing A Flaming Inferno, But At Least He’s Having Fun Hanging Out With Leno

Daisy, Co-Founder


Lying is bad, isn’t it?  I mean, when I was a kid, this is what my parents taught me, anyway.  They used to say, “Daisy, if you always do your best and give everything 100%, we’ll be proud of you.  But if you lie, that will disappoint us and hurt us.”  At least in my house, lying was the ultimate no-no.  And, I say bravo to my parents, because it’s always been difficult for me to accept any sort of fibbing – no matter how harmless it may seem.

So, fast forward to being 37 years old and watching the leader of the free world lie his butt off.  I mean, there’s just no way to sugar coat this.  He’s lied.  Enough to warrant at least 3 year’s worth of home arrest-type grounding in my house.  The lie du jour?  That would be the lobbyist one.  Remember when Obama ran a campaign that touted things like no influence from special interests?  In fact, I think I recall him actually pointing fingers at McCain and those other dirty, nasty Republicans for doing just that. 

He’s sort of broken that promise, folks.  Apparently, on his first day in office, he signed some executive order that former lobbyists could not “work on regulations or contracts directly and substantially related to their prior employer for two years.”   But see, there’s this loophole.  It’s this waiver thing that DOES allow them to serve, and he’s already used it three times.  So, yeah….so much for an executive order.  I mean, you can put perfume on a piece of dog poo….but it’s still dog poo.

His pants should be flaming by now, one would think, but not so much.  In fact, he looked very cool and calm last night on Leno.  He even got in his obligatory “I was STUNNED at the AIG bonuses” statement.  And I should believe that crap?  Really?  In the midst of all the nauseating butt-kissing by Leno, my personal highlight of the interview was when he got in a nice, off-color joke about handicapped people.  Very non-Presidential and Biden-esque of him, for sure.  Lovely.  Really.

As Leno would say (about 15 times like a star-struck, pansy little schoolgirl) – WOW.

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