If It Looks Like A Duck and Walks Like A Duck, Then….

Daisy, Co-Founder


I had a conversation with a very liberal buddy of mine last night.  She visited our site for the first time yesterday and naturally disagrees with most of what is on it.   We spent about 15 minutes arguing over whether or not Obama is a flaming Marxist (my words, not hers).  Then, after we agreed to disagree, we talked about other things that girls talk about.  Before getting off the phone, we always tell each other “I Love You” like closest friends who live in different cities should do, then that was it.  I didn’t make an impact other than to possibly alienate a good friend.  This is a gift of mine when it comes to digging my stilettos in and spewing what I think.

After being awakened by a few Great Danes this morning, I read an article about how Obama’s administration and goals are eerily similar – if not equal to – the United States’ Communist Party platform (yes, there’s a United States’ Communist Party).  If you go to their website (yes, they have a website, too) – http://www.cpusa.org/article/archive/3/ – you can scroll down to the “Click Here to Download PDF” link.  There you will find the beliefs of this neat little organization. 

Of course, Chicks on the Right is intended to be light and mocky and oh-so-fun for the most part, but I have to admit that I had a hard time seeing the humor in their little pseudo-manifesto, as it’s practically identical to what Obama is doing right now.  From the Fairness Doctrine to the mortgage crap to the spendiddlydimulus earmarks, it’s indisputably identical in more than too many ways.  I’ll let you read for yourself and decide, because it’s still your freedom to believe whatever the heck you want.  Well, for today, anyway.

The Kool-Aid has been guzzled by many.  It’s just something to ponder, of course, but what do I think? 

Big. Fat. Duck.

But you know what makes me feel better? Michelle Obama’s toned arms still look FABULOUS, people. Oh yeah, and here are some young, drunk pinko commies for your Tuesday amusement:

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