Sign #43,567 Of The Impending Apocalypse

Mockarena, Co-Founder


You guys, we live in a world where a total ape like Rod Blagojevich can sign a six figure book deal with Phoenix Books – the largest advance EVER GIVEN by the book publisher – as a reward for his criminal activity.  Or alleged criminal activity (snort).  

This was announced, natch, by the PR firm who represents Blago.  Because OF COURSE he has a PR firm.  Blagojevich continues to deny selling Obama’s senate seat, and normal people with brains continue to not believe him, because he’s a moron with terrible hair.

Blago intends to write aaaaall about the whole process of picking Obama’s successor.  He’ll also “expose the dark side of politics” that he says he saw at both the state and national level.  His PR people said, “There were some people in high places who didn’t want the governor to write this book and worked to try to squash a book deal.” 

Wait.  Whaaaaat?  This can’t be.  I thought people in high places were never involved in corruption or controversy.  This is groundbreaking.

Can we all just take a solemn Chicks On The Right Vow that none of us will buy this book or continue to have relationships with anyone who does?  Can we do that?

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