I’d Like My Lobotomy With A Side Of Sleeveless, Please.

Daisy, Co-Founder


If you do a Google search right this second for Michelle Obama, you know what comes up?  About four articles on her being SLEEVELESS.  Try it.  I’m not wrong on this one today, people.  It’s as if no woman on the planet has ever gone sleeveless before.  Articles upon articles about how “the fashionistas are talking” and “her right to bare arms,” and “how does she keep her arms so fit and toned?” and my personal favorite title, “Why sleeveless?  Because Michelle Obama CAN.”

Are you kidding me with this crap?  We have nothing better to talk about than how our First Lady is sleeveless?  Really?

So, let me make sure I have this correct.  Those responsible journalists (blatant oxymoron) could be talking about how Mrs. Obama  championed an effort at her former workplace (the University of Chicago Medical Center – where she cleared a bit more than 300K a year) to shun people without private insurance (mostly poor black people, one should add).  Those objective journalists (yet another oxymoron) could be talking about her husband, his band of stooges, and how they’re tanking our economy by instilling fear in the American people to gain power in a way that is so incredibly textbook socialist and un-Constitutional.  I mean, they COULD be talking about things such as these. 

But her arms.  Look everyone!  Those toned, naked, fabulously fit arms. They’re BARE!!  Alert the media at once!  All hail the arms!  And, while you’re at it – everyone get in line for your $300 Canadian-socialist lobotomy!


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