‘YOU DID THIS!’ Jamie Lee Curtis And Jim Carrey Blame President Trump For The False Alarm In Hawaii

Hannah Bleau

Widespread panic–yes, panic– swept over Hawaii this morning. People received this message:

Thankfully, it was a false alarm. Officials say this was a “mistake” that occurred during a shift change. Apparently, someone “pushed a wrong button.”

Uh, yeah. For real. Let’s do that.

I can’t even imagine the emotional rollercoaster people in the area went through.

ANYWAY. Leave it to blowhard celebrities to make this scare about President Trump being evil and horrible and the Actual Face of Evil.

How is this on Trump? Why is the fear on HIM? Shame on his “hate filled self”? Do you OWN a mirror, Jamie? Did you read your own tweet? YOU’RE the one filled with unjusifiable rage.

Someone accidentally pressed the wrong button. That’s the official story. The scare was real, but this isn’t on Trump. He’s TRYING to get North Korea to curb its nuclear program. He’s actually standing up to that chubby freak, and you better feel darn grateful for that. You don’t have a leader who’s going to bend over and pretend that the problem doesn’t exist.

Look in the mirror. Take a breath. Get a grip.

Jamie Lee Curtis wasn’t the only one losing her mind and blaming this on Trump. Cue Jim Carrey.

This was “a real psychic warning”? Do these people hear themselves? Condemning North Korea = “alienating the rest of the world”???? Does he realize what he’s saying? What does he WANT to happen? Does he want Trump to say, “No worries NK! You do you.”

These Hollywood elites are completely unbearable.

GG for the win.

h/t The Gateway Pundit