Sen. Ted Cruz Withdraws Support For Senate GOP Candidate Roy Moore

Hannah Bleau

Each story makes Roy Moore look worse, and it’s causing a number of notable Republican lawmakers to take a few steps back.

Sen. Mike Lee was one of the first lawmakers to withdraw support. Now, Sen. Ted Cruz is doing the same.

“As it stands, I can’t urge the people of Alabama to support a campaign in the face of these charges without serious, persuasive demonstration that the charges are not true,” Cruz told reporters.

“Both last week and this week, there are serious charges of criminal conduct that if true, not only make him unfit to serve in the Senate but merit criminal prosecution,” he added.

People aren’t sure how to feel.

So far, Sens. Cassidy, Collins, Cornyn, Daines, Gardner, Graham, Hatch, Lee, McConnell and Toomey have withdrawn their support as well.

The special election is one month away. Who knows what’ll happen between now and then.

h/t TownHall