Tucker DESTROYS Hillary And The Left Over Lame Response To Weinstein Sex Scandal


I LOVE hearing Tucker’s take on stuff, because 99.99999% of the time, I TOTALLY agree. He took on Hillary’s lame response and how the left has completely enabled his disgusting behavior for YEARS.

Tucker calls for a wide-spread investigation. Take a listen:

“For the days after the story broke, Democrats in Hollywood and Washington seemed to freeze, unsure of what to say, hoping the whole thing would just die down and go away. It hasn’t. Those actors who lecture you from the Oscar podium every year and their virtue and your lack of it–suddenly silent.”

“Weinstein could never have gotten away with any of this if it wasn’t for enablers like Hillary Clinton.”

Roman Polanski, Woody Allen, Harvey Weinstein…. all disgusting sexual abusers….all celebrated by Hollywood.

“For years, Democratic Senators have taken the lead in condemning institutional sexual abuse. They’ve held hearings, press conferences, issued statements… NOW… because one of their OWN donors has been accused, they are silent…. but there’s no reason this out to be a partisan issue… Democrats in congress say they CARE about women….now we’ll see if they mean it.”