If You Disagree With NFL Players Kneeling During The National Anthem, You Are ‘Whoring For Trump.’ And Probably A Failed Stripper. FYI

Hannah Bleau

My local team (the Jacksonville Jaguars- *hangs head in shame*) played in London Sunday, so I tuned in first thing. I watched the pre-game stuff in passing. Then it came: Time for the national anthem. I know kneeling is the super cool thing to do right now, but surely Jags and Ravens players would have more class than to kneel while playing in a foreign country, right? I’m sure, we had overseas service members attending that game. It’d be such a slap in the face. They’re better than that.

That’s what I told myself. I was so wrong.

A bunch of Jags and Ravens players kneeled like ungrateful cowards. I was disgusted. Now, I’m not much of tweeter. I’m really bad at maintaining my account, because when I want to talk about something, I just write about it. Tweeting can consume your life. But this was one of those instances where I felt like I needed to get the disgust off my chest. So, I tweeted this:

Short, simple and to the point. There are other ways for wealthy athletes to express their meritless grievances. They don’t have to slap our country and those who defend it across the face in the process. It’s classless and disrespectful.

Some of the responses I got were priceless. Apparently, I’m the Actual Face of Racism now.

HA. One person said I was privileged. Another said I was a disgrace. Yawn. But there was ONE chick who was so completely batty, I just HAD to share. I’m providing screenshots of her tweets too, because I have a feeling she’ll be deleting them pretty soon.

Meet Kia Giovann Shakur. She considers herself a “fabulous Republican.”

But listen. She has principles! Her mom raised her right.

It’s ignorant to say that kneeling for the national anthem in London is disrespectful. FYI

No word if her mother taught her that phrase.

She eventually informed me that I was, in fact, a “fake conservative.” And I guess she would know, being a “fabulous Republican” and all.

Here’s my favorite part. Ms. My-Mom-Raised-Me-Right declared that she’d have more respect for me if admitted I don’t have the proper body to strip.

THAT IS MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE INSULT EVER (behind “Nasty Tarts, that is). I love when these self-righteous idiots show their true colors.

I don’t know about you guys, but my mom didn’t teach me to call people I disagree with whores and failed strippers.

Gosh. I envy her upbringing. Truly.