Martin Shkreli Has Been Jailed For LITERALLY Putting A Bounty On Hillary’s Head

NEW YORK, NY - AUGUST 4: Former pharmaceutical executive Martin Shkreli speaks to the press after the jury issued a verdict in his case at the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of New York, August 4, 2017 in the Brooklyn borough of New York City. Shkreli was found guilty on three of the eight counts involving securities fraud and conspiracy to commit securities and wire fraud. (Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

Martin Shkreli isn’t very good at keeping out of trouble.

You may remember him as the infamous “Pharma Bro” who p*ssed EVERYONE off when he skyrocketed prices on medications.

He was also convicted of defrauding hedge fund investors in August, but has yet to be sentenced. He could face up to 20 years in prison for it.

Well, now he’s got a whole new set of problems on his hands, and I’ve gotta be honest… I didn’t see this coming.

According to the New York Post:

Pharma cad Martin Shkreli was decreed a “danger to society” Wednesday and jailed by a federal judge following Facebook posts in which the loudmouth said he’d cough up $5,000 per strand of Hillary Clinton’s hair.


Despite a groveling letter from the 34-year-old claiming the social media status was an “awkward attempt at humor or satire,” Brooklyn federal court judge Kiyo Matsumoto revoked his $5 million bond and ordered him thrown behind bars.


Prosecutors asked the judgeto lock up the self-important tool following a since-deleted Facebook status in which he told followers he’d pay $5,000 for a strand of Clinton’s locks.


The creepy joke, the climax of a series of other postings in which he seemed to suggest he intended to clone the former Secretary of State, was scrubbed from his account after Shkreli was contacted by the secret service.


“On HRC’s book tour, try and grab a hair from her,” he wrote on Sept. 4. “I must confirm the sequences I have. Will pay $5,000 per hair obtained from Hillary Clinton.”


In Sept. 12 letter to Matsumoto, Shkreli apologized for the status, which he called an “awkward attempt at humor or satire,” and said he never intended to “threaten” HRC.


But the judge wasn’t buying it, and ordered the marshals to take him into custody.

Wowza. Judging by his reaction to his previous conviction, Martin isn’t too upset about going to prison, though…

In the hours after jurors returned the mixed verdict, he announced on a Facebook livestream that prison–which he called “Club Fed”–wouldn’t be that bad.


“I’ll play basketball and tennis and Xbox,” he mused.


Shkreli will now languish in “Club Fed” for an untold period of time, as a sentencing date has yet to be set.


”F— the government,” Shkreli wrote on Facebook after prosecutors filed a motion asking the judge to revoke his hefty bond. “I will never kiss their ring or snitch. Come at me with your hardest because I haven’t seen anything impressive yet.”

What a weird little man. His constant smirk gives me the major creeps.