The Gainesville Police Department Facebook Page Is My New Favorite Thing.

Mockarena, Co-Founder

You know what’s awesome? When first responders are not only awesome at responding first, and protecting and serving and all of the stuff they’re SUPPOSED to do, but when they also have a great social media presence and a fantastic sense of humor.

A few days ago, as Hurricane Irma was getting ready to b*tchslap the entire state of Florida, the Gainesville Police Department posted this photograph of a few of their officers:

I know I speak for lots and lots of people when I say…HOT.

You know how I know that? The comments on the post are absolutely hysterical, and include gems like this:

There are over 37,000 comments as I write this, so if you have several hours to kill, feel free to check them out.  The best one?  And most inappropriately hilarious?  THIS:


And because the Gainesville Police Department obviously has a great sense of humor, they updated their photo caption with this:

I love everything about this.  And I’m guessing there aren’t a whole lot of other police departments whose Facebook pages have 100k followers.

You go, Gainesville PD! 🙂