Former Mexican President Vicente Fox Wants To Run For President Of The United States (And Is BATCRAP CRAZY)

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Daisy, Co-Founder

I’m warning you right now – this is the most insane thing you’ll see all day.  And you have to watch it all the way through.  It’s former Mexican President Vicente Fox on an almost six-minute hate-tirade about President Trump.

And the hate is strong here, y’all.  I mean, I’ve seen some Trump Derangement Syndrome since last November, but this is epic.

I’m also warning you that there’s STRONG language in here – the f-word, s-word, p-word…it’s all here in full force.  Because Vicente is apparently classy like that.  I mean, he was a world leader and all.

And he’s certifiably batsh*t.  I’ve mentioned that, right?

No wonder people from Mexico are clamoring to get into the United States.

And he’s making fun of Trump.