Attention Men: You Should Never Correct A Woman. Like Ever.

Hannah Bleau

Hello, dearest men. I have an urgent message for you: If you have ever corrected a woman, you are a misogynistic jerk. Most of the time, you only correct women because you feel like you need to control them. Just so you know.

You think I’m exaggerating? This is an Actual Argument made by an Actual Feminist.

Perhaps ALL men aren’t misogynists. And perhaps they’d like to correct the record. Believe it or not, they’re ALLOWED to defend themselves from deliberate, mean-spirited mischaracterizations.

Are you kidding me? Feminists aren’t being silenced. Heck, we can’t shut them up.

But why would they need to do that? What if the woman is wrong? Are you suggesting that women are incapable of acknowledging the fact that they can sometimes be WRONG?

What? No! If someone is wrong, they’re wrong. Men shouldn’t have to filter corrections on the basis of gender.

Or…she could just be wrong.

In other words, men shouldn’t correct women ever, because it’s sexist. Even if the woman is completely wrong and spreading lies and BS all over the place, don’t correct her. It’s likely you’re just using correction as an excuse to control her. Internal misogyny. Look it up.

This was my favorite response:

Funny, isn’t it? Feminists demand equal treatment and simultaneously demand special treatment. It’s quite the spectacle.

h/t Twitchy