Hillary Clinton Was So Sure She’d Win The Presidency, She Bought A $1.6 Million Home To Accommodate White House Staffers

Hannah Bleau

This is Hillary-ous.

Hillary Clinton was SO SURE she had the presidency in the bag, she purchased a $1.6 million home near her home in New York three months before. After all, she needed it for her White House staffers!

“You specifically bought this house for a reason?” CBS Sunday Morning host Jane Pauley asked.

“I did,” Hillary said.

“And this was to be?” Pauley continued.

“Well, I know a lot about what it takes to move a president, and I thought I was going to win …” Hillary began.

She needed it to accommodate White House staffers. Duh!

Pauley asked if the house haunted her, and Hillary was all, “No. I’m very happy we did it.”

[arve url=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/NblBr5nxT1w”]

She’s lying. She likely considers the house an eyesore. It serves as yet ANOTHER constant reminder that she lost in the most epic fashion in the history of ever.

She was soooo cocky. And with that, her loss just got THAT much sweeter.