Lena Dunham Warns Airline Employees And Travelers: ‘Watch Out For Me, Because I Hear And See All’

Hannah Bleau

Lena Dunham is playing the PC airline police these days. If you recall, there was a whole bunch of drama last month, after Lena took to Twitter to express her dissatisfaction with two totally “transphobic” American Airlines employees. Long story short, she reported the “incident” to the airline, which was ultimately unable to substantiate her claims.

Her story completely crumbed, and she ended up looking like a complete idiot. A day in the life. This was her response:

By suggesting that her truth also happens to be true, she reveals she has no idea what “truth” actually means. You can’t have your own truth, Lena. Also, TRUTH CANNOT BE FALSE. I can’t believe this requires explaining.

ANYWAY, that entire debacle has Lena feeling like a complete bada**, because she issued a warning to airline employees (and travelers) the other day. (It was in her Instagram story, hence the shoddy screenshot.)

“I’m at the airport. And I think people now know, when I’m at the airport, they have to f—ing watch out for me, because I hear and I see all.”

Oooohh! Aren’t you guys SO SCARED? Better watch out! Don’t say anything Lena will consider offensive, because she will virtue-signal call you out like no tomorrow! Don’t use the wrong pronoun on someone. Don’t use the word “Trump” in a positive manner. Don’t speak against the #Resistance. Don’t speak against abortion, even in casual conversation. It’s #triggering. Don’t let one sly remark about Hillary Clinton– blessed be her name– slip from your lips. Don’t compliment a female’s outfit, and DEFINITELY don’t call her “sweetie.” Basically, look down and stay silent. (You know how Muslim women in Middle Eastern countries have to act in public? Do that.) That is the only surefire way you can avoid the wrath of Lena.

You have been warned. Comply or suffer the consequences.