“The Guardian” Cartoon Laments There Is No “Plan To Exterminate White People”

Liberal publication “The Guardian” has published a cartoon by First Dog On The Moon called “How To Explain The Possible End Of The World To Children.”

I can’t post it here, because I don’t want to get sued by these psycho libs, but here’s the transcript:

Dad Dog: “Trump is seriously talking about nuclear war? This is ridiculous!”


Son Dog: “Is it the end of the world, Dad?”


Dad Dog : “Probably. It is grownup complicated but in 2016 Rupert Murdoch organized to put a maniac surrounded with white supremacists in the White House to be president of the USA.”


Son Dog: “What’s a white supremacist?”


Dad Dog: “It is someone who believes the ludicrous notion that white people are superior to people of other races. They also believe that there is a plan to eradicate white people from the Earth.”


Son Dog: “Is there Dad!?”


Dad Dog: “Unfortunately no.”

As in, UNFORTUNATELY, there is no plan to eradicate white people from the Earth. Real cute, The Guardian. Would you say this about ANY OTHER RACE OF PEOPLE?

Watch this:

Unfortunately, there is no plan to eradicate Jews from the Earth.

Unfortunately, there is no plan to eradicate Hispanics from the Earth.

Unfortunately, there is no plan to eradicate Black People from the Earth.

Does that feel messed up and awful to you? BECAUSE IT IS. For ANY race of people, white people INCLUDED!

The dogs continue:

Dad Dog: “You see Steve Bannon is really the secret president of the United States and he wants to start world war three. He is on record saying he wants a race war and if he can’t make that happen, well it looks like he is trying to get Trump to start a nuclear war instead!”


Son Dog: “Nuclear war is bad right?”


Dad Dog: “Yes nuclear war is very bad. Millions of people could die.”


Son Dog: “Even white people?”


Dad Dog: “I’m sorry but yes even white people, and the ones who don’t die… they will be enormously inconvenienced!”

Yes, I’m serious. Yes, this is real. Yes, this is how deranged liberals think.


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