Serena Williams Under FIRE For Her Comments On Motherhood

Serena Williams Under FIRE For Her Comments On Motherhood

Serena Williams is VERY excited about the upcoming birth of her child, as any expectant mother would be.

She made the following comment when talking about the impending delivery:

‘I have so much respect for so many women [for giving birth],’ Williams, 35, told the Herald Sun’s Stellar. ‘I am about to be a real woman now, you know? It’s going to be something incredibly impressive to go through.’

It IS impressive. It’s miraculous, actually. I also feel a liiiiittle light-headed when I think about it too hard, but anyway…

She has respect for mothers, and feels that motherhood and giving birth will make her feel whole. That’s how she feels. I don’t see the problem with it. Some women have children, some don’t, she really looks forward to the experience. Is this a big deal?

Oh, it is a HUGE FREAKING DEAL because SJW feminists all over social media are going ape-sh*t about this horrible, offensive thing to say.

Nope, but cutting off your penis does!

Did she say that? Or are you looking for reasons to be offended today?

Serena Williams, TENNIS PLAYER, just managed to single-handedly set women back 50 years. I knew she was great at tennis, but had no idea she was so good at TIME TRAVELING. WOW!

A decade, no wait century, where you’re allowed to feel however you want towards motherhood. “Feminism” allows us that, our own thoughts and ideas….right?

Good Grief. WHEN DID SHE SAY THAT?! Way to make something out of nothing.

Uh…. she didn’t say that, either.

Cool, Shelbycat. I thought maybe you were part cat. Thanks for clearing up those percentages.

Some replies are kind of sad…

Here’s the thing. Many women don’t, or can’t have children. They too, of course, are “real” women. That doesn’t change how Serena feels about her own PERSONAL EXPERIENCE, and that shouldn’t change how women feel about themselves.

Why is everyone so hellbent on feeling validated through each and every person’s opinions? Of course I feel for any woman who has gone through the painful experience of infertility or miscarriage, but at some point you have to step back and realize THIS ISN’T ABOUT YOU! WHY do they need to be validated by how SERENA WILLIAMS feels about her own personal experience with motherhood? Do they not realize how childish that is?

Build your OWN worth. If being a mother makes you feel like a real woman, own it. If being a successful business woman makes you feel like a real woman, own it.  Why bitch about other people’s feelings? IT IS INSANE. MOVE ON.You know what ACTUALLY makes you a real woman? Your chromosomes. The end.

Interesting, how liberals don’t think giving birth makes you a “real woman.” Only having an abortion or “identifying” as a woman can do that, right?


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