Atlanta Based Gym Bans Police And Military From Joining

Atlanta Based Gym Bans Police And Military From Joining

If you live in Atlanta and like to work out, might I suggest avoiding EAV Barbell Club like the plague? The owner is a jerk.

The owner, Jim Chambers, has decided to ban police and members of the military from working out at his gym, because they make minority gym goers uncomfortable.  Heck, even he feels uncomfortable in the “presence of police.”

This sign was posted outside of the facility:

Apparently, the “no cop” policy has been in place since the gym opened.

Chambers, who has owned the gym for more than a year, told that the cop ban has been a policy since the gym opened.

He also said that active members of the military aren’t eligible for membership.

The sign drew attention after a military veteran became offended when he saw it outside the gym.

A photo of the sign was also posted to the gym’s Instagram with the caption: ‘We simplified our membership policy.’

When asked why he put this particular sign up, Chambers told the that he had just watched the news about a man who was shot to death by police officers in Mississippi a few days before.

Chambers is a real genius and believes in “abolishing police completely.”

I’m sure he thought that through really, really hard.

He’s taken the sign down for the sake of his gym goers (he doesn’t want them to take the heat for this), but he plans to put up a sign about Supreme Douchecanoe Colin Kaepernick next.

The Atlanta Police Department’s reaction to Chambers’ no police policy is ALL class.

The Atlanta Police Department said the policy wouldn’t prevent them from responding to an emergency at the gym.

Because that’s what they do, Chambers. They risk their lives to save people– even people who hate their guts.

h/t Daily Mail


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