Botched Surgery Leaves Woman With ‘Four Boobs’

Hannah Bleau

This looks like a complete nightmare.

I’m actually surprised by the number of women who get breast enhancement surgery, especially the young ones. I can’t imagine going under the knife for something so…trivial. Then again, I’m a complete chicken and try to avoid hospitals like the plague, so I’m probably not an accurate representation anyway. I don’t have a problem with it. If you really hate that part of yourself and know it’ll bother you your entire life and you have the money to fix it, who am I to tell you no? I just don’t understand the women who get that surgery and WANT it to look like they got work done. (I can’t tell you how many older women I’ve seen at the gym with RIDICULOUSLY perky boobs. Those things DO NOT MOVE. It’s so obvious, it’s ridic.)

But then there are those who are just screwed. The surgery is a mega fail, and they end up with four boobs. That’s what happened to a US mom who appeared on the show, “Botched.”

Kailan got breast enhancement surgery when she was just 19. The doctor was super sketchy and didn’t even ask her what size she desired to be. RED FLAG RED FLAG RED FLAG. That’s like someone trying to sell you shoes without asking what size you need. Except this is worse, because it’s your boobs.

On top of that, the entire procedure took about 15 minutes, and it showed.

“When I turned 19, I found the closest doctor that was in my price range, and I went,” she said, according to the Daily Mail. “We didn’t talk about size, we didn’t talk about what I really wanted.”

“He said the surgery would take less than 15 minutes,” she added.

The doctor actually placed her implants waaaaaay too high, which made her “real” boob fall waaaaaay too low, creating a “four boob” effect. And get this– the doctor didn’t even schedule a follow up.

This is the stuff of nightmares.

I’m scarred.

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Because of this, she’s been forced to tape her breasts up all day every day.

She finally turned to LA doctors Paul Nassif and Terry Dubrow to get this problem fixed.

“When you have four boobs and you want two, your best option is to kind of tape them up,” Kailan told them.

“Oh my goodness, it’s like a duct tape bra!’ Dr. Nassif  said. “That must destroy your skin.”

Long story short, the doctors took out the crappy implants and placed new ones in the correct position.

“Before my surgery, I hated how my breasts looked, all four of them,”  Kailan said. “They were my secret shame that I hid from the world and my true self.”

“But now, I can finally be the wife and mother that my family has always deserved,” she added.

Moral of the story? Don’t trust a cheap doctor who says he can operate on your breasts in 15 minutes or less.

h/t Daily Mail