Holy Hatred! Check Out What These Liberal Folks Said About The Chicks!

Mockarena, Co-Founder

Our facebook page serves not only as a place for our community of followers to hang out and link up to our posts, but also as a sort of History Of Us placeholder.  We have photo albums saved on our Facebook page from our entire 8.5 year history, and every now and then, to keep the memory repository going, we add photos to our “Chicks in 2017” album, for example.

Back in 2015, we added one of the two of us in the studio, with the caption “Chicks in Studio.”  And it was shared by this fellow, who clearly got a lot more out of it than just “Chicks in Studio.”  BEHOLD: his analysis of our photo, and the ensuing lovely commentary added by his followers.


Wow.  You’d have thought, based on his intepretation, that we were posing in bikinis with a caption that read, “LOOK AT OUR AMAZING SEXINESS!  It is this sexiness, minions, that will help Republicans win!!”

I mean seriously.  WTF was that dude thinking?

For the record, there was absolutely nothing more to this photo than us adding to our “Chicks in 2015” album.  Like any other best friends, or family members, or any other normal human beings, we sometimes enjoy being photographed together.  It’s a bonus that we get to do so AT WORK.

But wait.  There’s more.  SO MUCH MORE.

Notice that anytime there’s a chick ripping on our looks, it’s a chick who doesn’t show a profile picture.  That always cracks us up.

Moving on.

So, this whole Stepford wife thing.  I’m baffled by this. And because so many people throughout the thread seemed to agree that Daisy and I are Stepford wives, I consulted the Urban Dictionary to confirm that I understood the definition.  And the definition that I’d always believed to be the accurate definition of Stepford wives was in fact confirmed.  A Stepford wife is defined as follows:

1.) Used to describe a servile, compliant, submissive, spineless wife who happily does her husband’s bidding and serves his every whim dutifully.

2.) Can also be used to describe a wife who is cookie-cutter & bland in appearance and behavior. Subscribes to a popular look and dares not deviate from that look.

If you were to ask Mr. Mock or Mr. Daisy – “Hey, would you use the words ‘servile, compliant, subsmissive or spineless’ to describe your wives?”  they would laugh for like 3 straight hours.  And if you then asked them if we do their bidding and serve their every whim dutifully, they’d laugh for 3 straight days.  And then they’d regale you with stories about just how opposite of those things we are, and how they’d enjoy it if we worked less, and were able to help more around the house.  They might even do that while cooking us dinner or caring for our kids, because our husbands are partners in our marriages.  And if they wanted Stepford wives, we wouldn’t want THEM.

If the insult is directed solely at our appearance, I guess we’ll have to take their word for it that we’re bland in appearance or that we “dare not deviate” from a popular look.  Can someone please explain what that means?  Is it how they describe every blonde?  Or just those with whom they disagree politically?  Because wow.  Holy lame.

Moving on.

Sigh.  I feel so sorry for these people.  “Duggary eyes?”  Are they serious?  What does that even mean?

OMG – Patrice. I’d love for her to refer us to anyplace we’ve ever suggested that rape is accceptable EVER.  And what it means that we’d “win hands down on the rape scale because liberal women don’t submit.”  Is she seriously suggesting that only conservative women get raped?

And note, from just this one photo, Patrice thinks we’re “prick-teasing con women.”  Robert gleefully agrees with this assessment.

All that from this one photo, y’all.  Amazing!

Moving on.

They’re so tolerant and open-minded, aren’t they?

Moving on.

“Republicans only talk about sex.”  OMG HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!  This, from the side of the aisle which is literally OBSESSED with ladyparts.

I do love the pic of the little girl though.  LOVE.

Moving on.

For the record, I didn’t have to pee. smiley

Apparently, because of this photo, we should die in a fire. Nice!

I laughed so hard at Taffi’s comment, where’s she’s trying to take the high road on the appearance thing, and then she immediately throws out the Stepford wife barb in the same comment.

A for effort, Taffi. Good try!  But demerits for minimizing the symbolism of the cross into “worship of idols.”  Very telling, indeed.

Moving on.

Oh, Linda Carey.  That is the most absurd mischaracterization of conservative beliefs EVER.  No wonder this country is so messed up.  If this is what liberals actually believe about conservatives….yikes.

Props to Casey for trying to elevate the discourse, but Casey should’ve probably taken a look around at who he/she is associating with and realized that civil discussion among the people on that thread was kiiiind of never going to happen ever.

We’re Nazi whores pushing white power?  WHERE?  Where are we pushing that?  How are we nazi whores, exactly?  WTF are these people smoking?

Wow, Chris and Anne.  If that’s the question in your mind simply because you see our photo, you have serious issues, and should seek professional help.

And Wayne – those are called THROATS.  Not Adam’s apples.  Learn the difference.

Kealii – dream on, freak.

Unfortunately, that wasn’t the entire thread – there’s actually lots more.  You can find the entire thing right here.  Still.  Two years later. Robert is a self-described political activist whose page is public.  In other words, anyone can comment on it freely.

Those are my favorite. And I’m sure he continues to welcome open discussion.


A day in the life of the Chicks.

Incidentally, after we posted this story, a bunch of our followers jumped into the fray, and that’s when the whole group of miscreants got an earful.