Phoenix Drops Sanctuary City Status, Crime Drops Too

sanctuary city
A sign is viewed as a warning to visitors in an area where cattle rancher Jim Chilton's 50,000 acre ranch crosses over on October 14, 2016 southeast of Arivaca, Arizona, where a barbed-wire fence is all that separates the US and Mexico at the border. Despite the difficult Sonoran desert terrain, the area remains a popular and much-used route by the drug mules, sophisticated and well-equipped with binoculars and satphones to monitor routes and US border patrols from the surrounding hilltops. / AFP / Frederic J. BROWN (Photo credit should read FREDERIC J. BROWN/AFP/Getty Images)

One of the most ridiculous lies Dems love to push is that sanctuary cities actually make us SAFER. I’ve never understood how they get away with pushing that lie, or how exactly anyone believes it. They go on about how because criminals feel like they won’t get caught, they’ll tell on each other and report crimes… or something. It makes absolutely no sense.

Well, we’ve always known it’s complete bull. Now we have proof.

According to Levi Bolton, the executive director to the Arizona Police Association, when Phoenix suspended its sanctuary city policies, instead of endangering the citizens, the opposite happened.


“We saw a decrease in crime,” said Bolton. “It had a deterrent effect on folks because the risk of discovery went up exponentially when we actually enforced the law.”


Under the new policies, law enforcement could ask suspects if they are in the U.S. legally, and they could inform immigration agencies about violations of federal laws.


Fox News reported that the murder rate in Phoenix fell by 27 percent, robberies fell by 23 percent, and assault fell by 13 percent. Even more minor crimes fell, with burglaries by 14 percent and theft by 19 percent.

I think what I fid the most disturbing is that the Dems are willing to put communities in danger in order to further their pro-illegal immigration narrative.

I am not against immigration. In fact, I AM an immigrant. I moved to the USA legally when I was 12. Much of the reason my parents decided to uproot our lives and move to America was the increasingly lawless and dangerous environment in Mexico. Legal immigration isn’t easy, but it is entirely possible.

The Democrats claim to care about immigrants, but have no interest in protecting LEGAL immigrants from the dangers they are escaping. If America becomes a lawless free-for-all, what’s the point?

It’s easy for Democrats to say LET THEM ALL IN! from behind their multi-million dollar mansions in gated communities. I wonder how many members of MS-13 roam around Pelosi’s house.  Not many, is my guess. Meanwhile, legal immigrants’ communities are plagued with drug and gang violence brought in by those who came here illegally.

If Dems want to pretend to care about immigrants, they should start with the ones who chose NOT to break their new nation’s laws, and instead worked their asses off to get here. THEY deserve protection, not the criminals who they were trying to escape in the first place.