Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe Claims 93 Million Americans Die From Gun Violence Every Day

Miss CJ

Math, what is it?

Apparently not wanting to be left out of the Democrat political pile-on in the aftermath of the attempted murder of a group of congressional Republicans this morning, Virginia’s governor Terry McAuliffe made a statement that of course involved the call for more gun control. He even cited statistics, which sounded impressive –

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Yeah, impressive and tragic.

Until you consider what that 93 million dead Americans per day would actually mean in terms of obliterating our population. Currently, there are roughly 326 million people in the United States. If 93 million were killed each day, there’d be no one left in the country within a week!

Those are numbers that ISIS would be proud of, if they could achieve it.

Yeah, it’s cute that you want to turn this situation into a political beating stick, Terry. But maybe you should work on getting your numbers right before you make yourself look like an opportunistic idiot.

(h/t The Right Scoop)