Judge Rules That Lottery-Winning Parents Don’t Have To Let Their Adult Son Mooch Off Them Anymore

Miss CJ

It’s not just twenty-somethings leeching off their parents and feeling entitled to the fruits of someone else’s hard work/good fortune. Apparently, this goes up to those thirty and older.

I weep for my generation.

According to this, David Dawes of the UK won the equivalent of $131 million in the Euromillions lottery back in 2011. Subsequently, David’s son, Michael, quit his job because he figured he was going to get to share in his father’s winnings, along with his stepmother, Angela.

Now, David and Angela did give Michael about $2 million after the big win. Michael and his boyfriend spent that money on a lavish house and other insane luxuries, as well as giving the money away to friends and family. And SHOCKER – the money is now gone. Now, Michael’s parents are now refusing to give him any more. And Michael is upset because, as he claims, his parents supposedly promised that he “would always be looked after.” So, naturally, he decided to sue his dad and stepmom for “his share” of their money.

Did I mention that Michael is now 32? And that he had a really good job in IT before the lottery thing happened? And he could probably have taken that $2 million and either saved or invested it and still have been okay?

Luckily for humanity (and common sense), a UK judge has ruled that the Dawes have no obligation to fork over any more money to their son and the case has pretty much been thrown out –

But the judge threw out Michael’s claim for continuous funding, ruling: “There was no basis on which any rational or normal human being could conclude that they could go back for more money whenever they wanted.”

Michael spent more than $700,000 buying a house in Portsmouth, southern England; and a further $325,000 was given to his boyfriend’s family and friends.

He and his partner were spending the equivalent of between $25,000 and $40,000 a month, including a $1,300 weekly grocery bill, the court was told.

When Michael went to his father in April 2012 and admitted to being low on funds, his father agreed to top up his bank balance.

The judge said: “Michael took this as a demonstration that his father would cough up whenever asked, and this therefore buttressed his strange conclusion that his dad would financially support him for the rest of his life.”

I really have to ask – what kind of food are you buying that amounts to $1300 PER WEEK in grocery bills? I mean, REALLY??

I don’t even chalk this up to bad parenting, as such. This is flat-out selfishness, pure and simple. The dad was being generous in giving his son $2 million after he won the lottery, but he was not obligated to give him anymore. What makes it okay for this bratty little snot to come back and keep begging for money? ESPECIALLY after spending it so thoughtlessly?

It’d be one thing if there was some kind of financial emergency and he didn’t know what else to do. But he spent $1300 on groceries every week! That’s just ridiculous.

While I’m glad that the judge told the guy to pound sand, it’s stupid that this even ended up in court. Good grief – have some dignity in yourself.