High School Student Wants To Behead Donald Trump

WASHINGTON, DC - MAY 18: U.S. President Donald Trump attends a joint news conference with Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos at the White House May 18, 2017 in Washington, DC. The Trump administration has said it wants to slash foreign aide and Santos will most likely seek a renewal of $450 million dollars from the U.S. that supports the peace accord between the Columbian government at the Revolutionary Armed Forces (FARC). (Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images)
Miss CJ

But remember – actually quoting Donald Trump in the yearbook wasn’t allowed.

According to this, students at Brainerd (MN) High School were asked to voice their opinions about Donald Trump for a feature in this year’s yearbook. One comment from a sophomore student in particular is causing all kinds of controversy (and that’s the nice way of putting it) –

One page of the yearbook asks students for their feelings about President Donald Trump. One of the four commenters, a sophomore, had harsh words for the president.

“I would like to behead him,” the student said. “I do not like him.”

“I would like to behead him.” OMG. Can you imagine if anything like that had been said about Obama in a high school yearbook? We’d STILL be talking about it! And rightly so. Any kind of threat against any president – regardless of politics – should be taken seriously.

I’m actually shocked that the yearbook editorial staff allowed that through. Or that the adult advisers gave their okay to it. Like, nobody stopped to think “Hm… maybe we shouldn’t print something that could be seen as a death threat to the President of the United States.”

But I forgot – if it’s against Donald Trump, then it’s TOTALLY okay. It’s fine to hate Trump to the point of saying you want to kill him. The media will ignore you and people will write it off as a stupid joke.

And another thing – what kind of teenager says stuff like “I want to behead someone”? (Sure, I have guesses, but the source doesn’t give any kind of indication as to the identity of this student. Draw your own conclusions.)

It’ll be interesting to see if this gets any kind of national attention. We only heard about it because a clever and competent reader from the area alerted us to the situation. But it definitely needs to be talked about.

If this girl can get flack for saying “Build the wall” in her yearbook, we can CERTAINLY talk about this student too.