GQ Is Sad Because Sen. Ted Cruz ‘Already Ruined’ Rompers For Men

Hannah Bleau

Earlier in the week, we told you about the emergence of RompHims– rompers for men.

Apparently, beta males aren’t aware that women generally hate hypersensitive, romper-wearing, glitter bearded, gluten free, hipster douchebag weirdos who rub lavender essential oil on their temples, drink herbal tea and look at power tools the same way *I* look at power tools.

GQ is bummed out, because Sen. Ted Cruz totally ruined RompHims for everyone. Now they can NEVER happen, because he mocked them, and according to the left, Cruz’s comments are generally a product’s kiss of death. (In that case, could we get him to mock plastic thigh-high boots and feather brows next?)

It all started with Free Beacon’s goofy “caption this” contest.

Cruz responded with this caption:

I just pictured Sen. Schumer in a RompHim. Don’t let you mind go there. You’ll regret it.

Cruz basically won the silly contest with that tweet, but GQ now has the saaaaaaaaadz. Cruz totally ruined rompers for men.

1.) Why did GQ want rompers for men to happen? And 2.) Rompers for men ruined rompers for men. It’s a flaming pile of humiliation all on its own.

Here’s a tidbit from the GQ article–

Sheesh, what an absolute riot that one is. See, it’s funny because Ted Cruz is saying Schumer bought not one, but two rompers for men. And of course a snowflake like Democrat Chuck Schumer would wear something that only girls wear. Get it now? Get it? Look, we’re not even saying that RompHims are stylish, but honestly we’re just a little shocked that Cruz was able to destroy all of the Twitter fun the RompHim had provided over the past 48 hours this fast. This is why we can’t have nice things.

Uh– no. Pretty sure Cruz said “two” because Schumer’s holding up two fingers in the photo, geniuses. RompHims are hideous, and everyone knows it.

For what it’s worth, Schumer’s already an embarrassing wuss. He doesn’t need a RompHim to prove that.

h/t Twitchy