Full-Blown Leftist Insanity:The Best And Worst From The Climate March


It seems like every day there’s another march. They all supposedly have different themes, but the only clear message is this: they all hate Trump.

Anyway, it’s starting to look like all the leftists REALLY want is a parade, and the opportunity to make some Trump-hating arts and crafts, because they put more effort into their signs than anything else they’ve ever done. (eg. getting a job)

So because this is one of my very favorite things to do, let’s review do a CRAFT TIME PHOTO REVIEW, shall we?!

First they made some crafts and did some sort of acid-trip-gone-wrong play. Ummm…..ok! GOLD STAR FOR YOU!

Leo was there! Did he fly in on his private jet? Did he dock his yacht in the Potomac? It doesn’t matter, because he made a SIGN, and that’s what it’s all about!

This is SO SO SO STUPID, but it looks like a BIRTHDAY CAKE! GOLD STAR!

She needs help. Her words are all crooked and that looks NOTHING like Mar-A-Lago. Sorry kid, crafting fail. No matter, we’re all winners here! SILVER STAR!


These parents are teaching their children excellent and responsible argumentative skills! When in doubt: attack their tan. EXCELLENT! And nicely done on that color chart! Crafting success! GOLD STAR!


Not the best crafting, but way to be super clever and puny! I wasn’t on their side, but then I saw this clever and puny sign and WOW. My mind is CHANGED.  GOLD STAR!

Again, not the best crafting, but GOLD STAR for being the most absolutely ridiculous! WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER, YOU INSANE AND CREATIVE LIBERAL!

Gonna be honest, these posters suck and the “tiny hands” joke is SO 2016. BRONZE STAR, you loser.

Some guys didn’t have signs, but they THEMSELVES were a work of grotesque art. SO MANY GOLD STARS FOR YOU.

And of course, as always…