Why Is This A Trend? WHY?

Hannah Bleau

I have a bone to pick with the fashion industry. Or women. Or women and the fashion industry.

Spring is here. It’s warming up. Coachella just happened. Women are posting pictures of their summer bods. It’s all about “likes.” I get it. It’s the world we live in. If you look good and KNOW you look good, you must take a provocative selfie. Otherwise, you might as well be obese.

Class isn’t A Thing anymore.

I find the latest “hey look at me and my hot bod!” trend especially annoying. Basically, women are buying tiny bikinis tops and letting the bottom half of their boob hang out. Because basic coverage? Who cares about that! Here’s an example featuring perhaps the least insufferable Kardashian, Kourtney.

Photo from The Daily Mail:


I guess that’s sexy? And listen– this look isn’t just confined to swimsuits. Some women are purchasing tiny half shirts and letting their underboob show. As in, they’re not using the top as a layering piece. That’s the whole top. It’s atrocious. Every time a woman posts an underboob shot, all I can think is, “Bless your heart.”

I probably should’ve seen this trend coming. After all, last year the “hey look at my ENTIRE ASSULAR AREA” bikini bottom look came in style. Summer has turned into an excuse to wear glorified thongs in public. It’s a cheap way to get an ego boost, I guess.

Class is running low these days. I’m sick of these skankalicious trends. That’s all I have to say about this.