Marvel Comics Doubles Down On Nazi Captain America. AGAIN.

Miss CJ

I think at this point, Marvel Comics must REALLY hate money.

Remember last year how Marvel announced that the character of Steve “Captain America” Rogers was actually a secret HYDRA agent and had been from the beginning? And how people were furious because that meant that the All-American superhero had actually been a Nazi spy since Day One? Later, Marvel kind of backed off and said “Ha ha – just kidding” and wrote the ending of the storyline to make it look like a fake-out.

But now the writer of the comic, Nick Spencer (a super leftist jackhole if ever there was one), is saying that HYDRA-Cap is the real Cap and he was never actually a hero anyway. And upcoming issues of this comic are going to reflect Cap’s evil nature –

Rather than walking the reveal back as a case of Cosmic Cube reality-warping, as Marvel seemed to do already, Secret Empire #0 reveals the entire truth. Apparently, the controversial launch of the new Captain America: Steve Rogers story was all building to the reveal that Cap was never a hero. Not for a second.
It’s a bit baffling, since this reveal will almost certainly enrage those who felt somewhat offended by the reveal that Steve Rogers was a Hydra sleeper agent. Those who were deeply outraged, and insulted that Marvel’s editors and writer Nick Spencer would ally Marvel’s mascot with the Nazi-connected Hydra – promises to “hear the story out” aside – may be likely to stop reading altogether. There’s still a chance that the Secret Empire story will undo some of these new revelations about Marvel’s history of World War II, but… well, it’s probably best to just lay out the bombshell for readers to absorb.

The crux of this entire debacle is the line “Cap was never a hero. Not for a second.” And here is where the left’s social justice narrative takes hold of a beloved and heroic character and completely destroys everything he ever was.

Something that’s become the in vogue thing to do in entertainment – whether it’s movies, books, or comics – is to make the great and awesome heroes into something less than they are. We saw it with Superman in the new movies and we’re seeing it with Captain America here with the comics. Nobody is ever that good. Nobody is ever that moral. Nobody is ever that upstanding and virtuous. Morality is relative and you can’t have idealistic heroes because that’s not reality. So stop trying. And eat your socialist crap sandwich because equality is awesome and junk.

Um… that’s why it’s FICTION, you dolts! We engage in fiction because we want to believe in and enjoy something that’s beyond mere reality. We want to believe that the ideals are worth striving for, even if they’re impossible in the end (at least the attempt to achieve an ideal makes us better people).

I don’t want my superheroes to be merely human. Maybe they have to deal with living in the human world (seeing super-powered people having to do things like hold jobs and pay rent while also fighting crime is kind of interesting), but they are NOT regular humans. And I don’t want them to hide from the heroic aspects of themselves or pretend that they don’t exist.

Captain America is a hero. He is an idealistic Boy Scout and that’s what makes him awesome (go watch The Winter Soldier again if you need a reminder). Often, he’s surrounded by weaselly douchecanoes and he has to rise about all that crap. The fact that he does is what endears him to his audience.

While this doesn’t seem to have much to do with politics, this has EVERYTHING to do with the culture. When the culture tells us that nobody is truly good or moral and you can’t trust anyone to do the right thing of their own free will and choice, we accept progressive politics that brainwash us into thinking that big government can force fairness and equality on everyone. We accept elitist bullies telling us what’s good for us, even though we know they’re full of crap. Culture influences people’s politics, and this is just one more example of it.

Marvel Comics can take HYDRA-Cap and shove it.