Even Democrats Aren’t Buying The DNC Chair’s Spin On The Georgia Special Election

Miss CJ

Not gonna lie – this made me laugh SO HARD.

One of the big news stories this week was the special election in the Georgia 6th district to fill a congressional seat vacated by Tom Price, who was confirmed to be the Health and Human Services secretary.

In the run-up to the election, the left proclaimed that this random Pajama Boy weirdo Jon Ossoff was going to be the Democrats’ new Lord and Savior in the eternal fight against Trump (who is Literally Hitler) and that voters in this traditionally-Republican district were sick of Trump and it was a referendum on Trump and Democrats would blow Republicans out of the water and OF COURSE there’s not going to be a runoff election! That’s just crazy talk!

And then the election actually happened… and now there’s a runoff election scheduled for June between Ossoff and Republican Karen Handel.


Enter Tom Perez, the DNC’s new village idiot… I mean, the new DNC Chair. After the election, he proclaimed on Twitter that Ossoff actually won the election (good grief, Democrats – you need to work on your definitions of winning and losing) and how great everything was –

It’s one thing for Republicans and conservatives to pile on Perez’s diarrhea of the keyboard. But when Democrats come in to criticize Perez and his leadership?? Particularly how much he apparently loves Bernie Sanders??

Hang on… I need my popcorn…

it crowd popcorn go

Hm… think there’s some animosity before the hardcore Democrat faithful and the Bernie Bros?

Just a little, probably –

Yeah… these people REALLY don’t like Bernie (weird – I thought the Senile Socialist was supposed to be the FUTURE of the Democrat Party) –

And to finish up –

Well, at least ONE Democrat understands the difference between winning and losing (or, at least winning and not-winning).

So, the Democrats are in shambles and it’s all the DNC Chair’s fault. Perez’s tenure as the top boss is turning out to be more entertaining than I thought it would be.

(h/t Twitchy)