This Chick Made A Presentation For Her Crush On Why He Should Date Her, And It’s EVERYTHING.

Mockarena, Co-Founder

If I were a dude or a lesbian or whatever the other kinds of sexualities are that are into women (LOOK HOW INCLUSIVE I AM BEING RIGHT NOW), I would totally date Lizzy Fenton.

Lizzy, who’s a Genetics and Cell Biology & Development student at UMN, has a crush on a fellow by the name of Carter.  And in an attempt to gain his affection, she created the most hilarious powerpoint presentation to demonstrate to him why he should date her.


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Unfortunately, despite her efforts, Carter responded two days later:

2017-04-20 19 30 15

Since Carter’s rejection, however, dozens and dozens of potential boyfriends have responded to Lizzy – some even sending her their own powerpoint presentations in an attempt to gain HER affection.

I love all of this.  And if I weren’t a happily married straight woman, I’d date Lizzy.  She’s adorable!