Graduweddings Are Now A Thing.

Mockarena, Co-Founder

According to this, a 27-year-old chick is throwing herself a “Graduwedding” during which she will marry her diploma.

I’m not making this up.

Angie Hamouie, a 4th year medical student who plans to enter obstetrics/gynecology after she completes her education, explains that she’s throwing herself the graduwedding because “All educational accomplishments should be celebrated equally.”


So, when she graduates med school next month, she’ll gather her friends and family together and pretend that she’s getting married to her diploma.  And she’s got many of the details planned out:

“The festivities will be oddly similar to a traditional matrimonial ceremony,” Hamouie, 27, elaborated. Though she doesn’t yet have a venue, she plans “to enter with my framed degree by my side. We will have a first dance and sit together at the front of the room. I also plan to feed it cake. After all the dancing, I’ll toss a bouquet. But the person who catches it won’t be next to get married, they’ll be next to graduate!”

Apparently, Angie isn’t satisfied with just walking across a stage in a cap and gown to get her diploma.  She wants more fuss.  She wants a full-on reception.  She believes that getting her medical school degree is just as momentous an occasion as a wedding is.

Lest you think she’s doing this just for the gifts, you should know that although there’s an entire website dedicated to this event, in lieu of a registry there is a request for donations to charities that help educate children.

Angie plans to spend around THREE THOUSAND DOLLARS on this graduwedding, and her friends and family have been all kinds of supportive.

Anticipating criticism, she said:

“For anyone who thinks the Graduwedding idea is nuts, I say of course it is! I shouldn’t have to pretend I’m marrying a piece of paper to convince folks that this achievement is a big deal. The goal of the Graduwedding is to make people pause to think why we don’t celebrate graduations as big as weddings, even though they represent so much.  A graduation in a lot of ways is analogous to a marriage. Both are life-long partnerships and both transform an individual for the better. A Graduwedding can be the celebration of any kind of degree or certificate. A high school diploma, a PhD, an associate’s degree, a master’s, graduating from a trade school or a certification program.”

In other words, here’s yet another great piece of evidence that too many of today’s millennials think far too much of themselves, live for the attention and praise of others, and believe anything they do is worthy of massive accolades.

Angie should be proud of her graduation, sure, but she’s wrong about it being worthy of the same kind of celebration as a wedding.  A wedding is the joining together not just of two people, but of two families, immediate and extended.  There’s nothing about getting a diploma that makes a “life-long partnership.”

But Angie disagrees.

She says, “I feel that for women especially, we feel pressure to choose one or the other: the career or the marriage. And when we really only celebrate weddings, it sends a loud message about what we’re expected to prioritize. The message I ultimately want to send with my graduwedding is that getting an education is a huge feat, and it should be celebrated as such.”

It’s entirely appropriate to be proud and to celebrate a graduation milestone.  If she wants to throw herself a party, that’s cool.  But a “graduwedding?”  Girl, please.   Have a graduation party and leave the weddings to people who are Actually Getting Married.