Democrats Are So Hip And Cool, They Know How To Say Sh*t!

Miss CJ

Have you ever spent time around a group of twelve-year-olds who swear up a storm because they think they’re being edgy and adult, but really they sound like a bunch of… well… immature twelve-year-olds?

That’s what the Democrats’ latest stupidity reminds me of.

Check out the Democrat Party’s new merchandise –

And the Dems’ response to that –

Ooooooooh… you all learned how to say a four-letter word! Of course! THAT’S all you needed to beat Trump last November! MOAR CURSING!

Apparently, the quote on the shirt is a reference to newly-minted DNC Chair Tom Perez, when he said this –

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Which still supports my original theory – Democrats are a bunch of immature babies who can’t mount a coherent argument without resorting to profanity and hostility. Whether that’s swearing at people or punching them in the face. It all amounts to the same kind of intimidation tactics.

And the idea that Democrats give a sh*t about people is absolutely laughable. They might have confused it with giving a sh*t on people (Exhibit A: Obamacare). Anything that helps them get power is totally fine, even when it hurts the most people possible.

Oh, and just for a contrast – remember how Hillary Clinton was all SUPER CONCERNED with the kind of example Donald Trump’s actions and vulgarity was setting for kids and how the Queen would NEVER condone such behavior and that’s why you should vote for her? –

I guess that’s just too old fashioned for the New and Improved Democrat Party (Sh*t Yeah!)

(h/t Twitchy)